A Whale Watching Company

The Crew at SpringTide Whale Watching know all about the wild and wonderful kinds of whales and the best places to discover them around Victoria, BC. They love to share their enthusiasm and work hard to make sure your Whale Watching experience is the best it can be!

SpringTide Whale Watching is a family affair. Dan and Joanne Kukat are proud owners and operators of this Whale Watching business and have been for close to 3 decades.


So how did the Kukats end up in the world of Whale Watching? In the not too distant past, both Joanne and Dan held demanding careers with multinational corporations. Dan, a professional CPA, travelled the world with clients providing tax and acquisition expertise.  Joanne enjoyed a sales and marketing career with 2 of the world’s largest computer companies.

Growing up on and around the water combined with a love of Vancouver Island made Victoria the perfect place to raise a family. When they made the move from Vancouver, Dan and Joanne brought with them their 36’ boat, SpringTide.

Over time, they recognized an opportunity to fill a niche market for Sport Fishing that previously wasn’t being offered in Victoria. Dan, an avid fisherman himself, created a memorable Sport Fishing adventure; taking visitors out on SpringTide and bringing them back with jaw-dropping catches.  As Whale Watching gained momentum throughout the early 90s (thanks to Free Willy), they shifted their focus to offering guests outstanding wildlife viewing experiences. They haven’t gone far from their roots and still offer charters for Sport Fishing. Captain Dan is widely known for his fishing acumen (it must be due to all those years growing up in Campbell River).

The thing the Kukats and the Crew love most about this business is helping people’s dreams of seeing Whales come true. Their focus is the pleasure and enjoyment people derive from SpringTide’s Whale Watching tours. Folks travel from across the globe to Vancouver Island in anticipation of seeing Whales, and they consider it a privilege to be able to take them to the places where they can do just that. So what are you waiting for? Come join them, too!

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