Morgan | Marine Naturalist

Morgan is a Bachelor of Science undergraduate student at the University of Victoria pursuing a major in Biology with a marine concentration and a minor in Ocean Science. Her hobbies include camping along a beach, playing soccer, reading a good book, going for a surf, or watching reality TV. Morgan works as a marine naturalist at SpringTide to share her well-rounded knowledge of the wildlife in the Salish Sea. Morgan believes sharing these magical moments of wild animals is an important step towards conservation of our oceans and hopes to pursue research in her future.

Heather | Marine Naturalist

Having worked in tourism for over 20 years – as a tour guide in Latin America, a Dive Master around the world, and as a marine naturalist on the Salish Sea – Heather’s enthusiasm and ability to captivate an audience come naturally. “The only thing that makes these experiences even more magical for me is when I get to share them with others,” she says. Heather has a Master’s Degree in creative non-fiction writing, speaks Dutch and Spanish, and is a paddle board instructor. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with humpback whales.

Angela | Sales & Marketing

Angela is pursuing her Bachelor of Science and is double majoring in marketing and business analytics with a minor in information science. She is studying at the University of Colorado Boulder on a full ride golf caddying scholarship. She is passionate about the environment and health. On her free time she likes biking and spending time in nature. Angela decided to work at SpringTide because of her passion for animals and marketing. In the future she wants to be a lead market analyst for a vegan food brand and travel the world, teaching people about sustainability and health.

Ella | Sales & Marketing

This is Ella! Ella is a third year English Honours Student and Humanities Scholar at the University of Victoria on a full ride academic scholarship. After she finishes her degree, she hopes to go to law school. In her spare time, Ella enjoys reading, working out, and thrifting. Ella chose to work at SpringTide this summer to immerse herself in the professional sphere and support a local business.

Ian | Captain

Captain Ian was born and raised near Liverpool, England. After finishing his degree in Earth Sciences, he travelled the world extensively and soon found his passion for wildlife and the ocean. He has worked all over the globe; as Dive Master & Captain in the Cayman Islands and a Master Scuba Diver Trainer in Cozumel, Mexico.  Ian has chosen Victoria to settle down with his wife and kids! Ian says “I have immense respect for the ocean and its wildlife and I am truly privileged to work out there on a daily basis.”

Yves | Captain

Yves was brought up on the St Lawrence River and after a long career in the Royal Canadian Navy, has spent 14 years working on Victoria’s beautiful harbour. He loves to take photos as he continues to explore the ocean environment around Victoria. Look for some of the many images he shares with his passengers by checking the SpringTide facebook page!

Yves is a very talented wood worker and is the creator of the wonderful pieces you will see in our office.  We hope you will drop by to see them!  Yves enjoys travelling and meeting visitors from around the world when they join him onboard the Marauder IV.

Marty | Captain

Victoria Whale Watching, Vancouver IslandOne of Captain Marty’s passions is hiking. Really big hikes. He is often found in the mountains on multi-day trips, exploring the wilderness and climbing peaks. He is our team hiking leader! On Sundays, you can find him exploring the vast network of hiking trails found in and around Victoria. Ask him for some recommendations if you are interested in  exploring some breathtaking views and unique places to stretch your legs.

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