Can you whale watch in Victoria BC?

Yes, you can whale watch in Victoria, BC. Victoria is the most popular city in the world from which to watch whales. You can see two eco-types of Orca (also known as Killer Whales). There has been a ‘Humpback Comeback’ over the last 10 years and these playful giants are very popular. Plus Gray and Minke whales can be seen.

Can you see orcas from Victoria BC?

Yes, you can see orcas from Victoria, BC. Victoria is known worldwide as a hotspot to see Orca (killer whales) all year round.  Two different ecotypes inhabit its waters: resident (salmon hunting) and transient (mammal hunting) killers whales.

Is whale watching better in Vancouver or Victoria?

Whale watching is a more popular from Victoria. A combination of factors increase the success rate when departing from Victoria.  There are more operators based in Victoria. Victoria also benefits from its waters being sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds of the area. This greatly helps when searching for whales, and makes for a far more comfortable experience

When can you see whales in Canada?

April to October are the best months to see whales in Canada.  There are more than 33 different species of whales (cetaceans) that inhabit Canada waters from the east to the west coast. 


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