• Post published:September 25, 2019

Last week, it was a pleasure to be able to welcome aboard Kori Sidaway from CHEK news to talk about the current state of the Whale Watch Industry.

This summer season has seen a marked decrease in sales for whale watching tours Victoria wide. The main reason appears to be the new approach distance restrictions put in place by the Pacific Whale Watching Association, in addition to the very public plight of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.

However, the reality is certainly not all doom and gloom! Out in the Salish Sea we are seeing record numbers of Humpback whales. So much so that this resurgence is being coined “The Humpback comeback!”. Moreover, the marine mammal eating Transient Killer Whales have also been present in high abundance displaying their even growing population.

The main problem has nothing to do with the whales but another species: salmon! The numbers of salmon in the Salish Sea has dropped off dramatically, due to anthropogenic effects, leaving the Southern Resident Killer whales hungry and worse off. For more information on the salmon issue and how it is affecting the Southern Resident Killer Whales please read out blog post: “Salmon, Essential for Survival”.

Here at Springtide we offer a $3 Conservation Fee per ticket towards the long-term preservation of the Salish Sea ecosystem. One of the major projects we are very proud to be highly invested in is the Sooke River Chinook Revitalization Initiative (SRCRI) which raises, rears and releases Chinook Salmon back into the marine environment. This means that by coming Whale Watching you are in fact helping to support the preservation of these majestic animals.

Here, owner of Springtide, Dan Kukat, talks about the future of Whale Watching:



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