• Post published:October 7, 2013

Humpback Tails can be 10-15 feet wide!
Humpback Tails can be 10-15 feet wide!

Headed out this morning into light rain and a moderate wind.  Few other boats out but working with the other boats we did locate T-20 and T-21, a pair of Transient Orcas.  These two animals are unusual as they are an older brother and a younger sister.  These two would have been part of a family but when the matriarch, the mother of these two, died then they were left to swim together.  Even though the water was choppy we got a good look at the animals.  Then Captain Bill spotted a spout in the distance and we moved up to find two and perhaps three Humpback whales.  With time winding down on us we did get several good looks at the Humpbacks including a farewell tail as we had to leave.  Another double creature feature on a day that we thought was going to be difficult.

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