• Post published:October 3, 2013

Transient Killer Whales
Transient Killer Whales

Today we had a short run out of Victoria’s harbour where we encountered a number of Humpback Whales in singles & pairs.Even as we watched a pair of Humpbacks we could see many other whales nearby.This is the time of year that all the Humpback and Gray Whales are moving back down the coast from their feeding areas in northern British Columbia and Alaska.  As the amount of sunlight we receive each day decreases in the Fall, the plankton that feeds the whales also deceases and the whales start their migration south. We were also fortunate enough to find a pair of Transient Orcas hunting along the shore line.  T-11a and T-11b are a mother and son, the only two Orcas in this family.  Along with a stop at Race Rocks to see the seals and sea lions this was an outstanding trip.




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