Zodiac Adventure


Zodiac Adventure


Join our fast, exciting ‘zodiac’ style vessels for a thrilling whale watching experience. Great fun with great skippers and guides.

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Feel the wind in your face as we race along the rugged pacific coastline. See whales and wildlife with in the natural wild beauty of the Salish Sea and the Pacific North West.

These rigid-hulled inflatable boats are commonly known as “Zodiacs” in the industry, even though they don’t all belong to the Zodiac brand. Zodiacs are respected worldwide for their safety and superior design. With two engines and seating for twelve, they’re perfect for people who want to experience an exhilarating ride in the open air.

We’ll fit you out with a Transport Canada approved full-length flotation suit, which looks pretty cool. It fits over your street clothes, and you can bet we’ve got your size! These suits are designed for safety .. so, yes, they keep you floating if you decide to use them swimming. But they are not waterproof. So, on a windy day, with salt spray in the air, you can get wet and chilly! If you get cold easily, you should plan on bringing some extra clothes. Backpacks and valuables are best left at home on your exciting adventure trip on these fun fast and open boats.

If you are bringing the family, we suggest the large boat for comfort. Zodiacs are not for those children under age 9, for expectant mothers or for anyone with health concerns which might make them uncomfortable on a small open boat.

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