• Post published:July 17, 2013
Transients feeding on a Minke Whale
Transients feeding on a Minke Whale

Sometimes nature is not pretty to watch.  Although the Orcas are beautiful we sometimes forget that transient Orcas need to kill other marine mammals for their food.  This morning we watched two transient Orca families, the T-45’s and the T-46’s, combine their efforts to catch and kill a Minke Whale. This afternoon we returned to the site where both transient families were still there and actively feeding on the carcase.  Each of the Orcas needs to eat 100 – 150 kg (~200 – 300 lb) of food a day to nourish their 7 – 9 ton bodies.  The Orca in the photo has a chunk of meat in its mouth

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