• Post published:May 1, 2016

B.C. Kayaker John Olynyk Gets a Little Closer to a Humpback Than He Bargained For

Humpbach Breach

From CBC.ca

We love when our guests get to see humpback whales on tour, in part, because of how rarely they surface.  But we think for one kayaker,  it might a while before he wants to see one again.

Last month at Spanish Banks, John Olynyk and his friend Wade went searching for a humpback that they had been keeping their eye on.  Watch the video below to see how close they actually get!

In an interview with CBC, John says “Anytime you’re getting that close, the whale knows you’re there and could be and probably are interfering with their natural behaviours.”

We appropriate John’s respect for the whale’s natural habitat and his new found admiration of them from a distance.

He continues, “I guarantee you if you’re in a kayak and a humpback whale is 100 meters away, it’s still going to be incredible. You’ll still get amazing pictures, and it will be one to talk about for the rest of your life.”

To get your chance at seeing a humpback from a less nerve racking distance, don’t forget to book your tour today!



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