• Post published:September 28, 2013
A Humpback Whale Breaches

Although the rain was coming down hard it did not dampen the spirits of the crew or the passengers on board.  We headed west this morning in search for Whales.  We passed close to shore along Albert Head, William Head and Bentinck Island.  Our crew watched carefully for blows on the surface of the water.  We passed by Race Rocks Ecological Reserve & Lighthouse where we saw scores of California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions.  We also had a few sightings of the cute little Harbour Seals that we have nicknamed “rock sausages” due to the way they lay on the rocks with their heads and tail flippers curved upwards! After our interesting stop at Race Rocks we continued west in search for more wildlife.  Then all of a sudden our crew spotted 2 Humpback Whales in the distance.  We raced towards their location and found two fully grown adults travelling side by side very slowly.  It was magical and everyone quickly forgot the rain was coming down…  We stayed with this pair for quite a while just trying to grasp the enormous size of these animals.  But the tour was coming to an end so we said goodbye to the whales and headed back towards Victoria.  We all thought that was the end of the sightings but they didn’t stop there…  We found 3 more Humpback Whales on the way home.  We couldn’t believe it!!!  This time one breached in the distance whilst the other two showed off their massive tail flukes in unison…  Today was definitely one of our best Humpback Whale sightings of the year!!! Amazing…..


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